Elf Shot

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By Crusader1307

In Anglo-Saxon (Medieval) Tradition, an ''Elf Shot'' was seen to be a malady by which various human ''pains and aliments'' were blamed on the mythical Being The Elf. Such Beings would fire their ''invisible arrows'' into a Person (the location of which would become pained). Feet, Arms and Head were common ''targets'' for the malevolent Creatures. The exact reason for the spiritual attack is never clear in most accounts. Perhaps One transgressed against an Elf, or even ''invaded'' their Territories without making suitable ''offering''. Often, some assigned a placed ''Curse'' by another (who had recruited The Elf to carry out the Hex). A variety of herbal remedies were often made and taken, to ''ease'' the effects. A popular tale even in Scotland, the wearing of various Arrow shaped Shale stone Arrowheads (as a necklace), was a popular ''anti-Elf'' charm. These would also become known as ''Elf Shots''.