El Hombre Caiman

  • Ancient Gods
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 The Tale of ''El Hombre Caiman'', or ''The Alligator Man'' – is from the Coast of Colombia, South America. It's age is uncertain. The story deals with a rather ''randy'' Fisherman, who liked to ''watch'' women bathe in the River waters of a nearby village. However, afraid that He would be ''seen'', The Fisherman sought out a Wizard – one that could help Him to become unnoticed. The solution was simple. The Wizard would transform Him into an alligator that could better hide on the river bank. When ready for the change, The Fisherman would take one of two potions. The first, would turn Him into the creature and the second would ''change Him back'' again into a human. However, The Fisherman needed help. He recruited a simpleton (who could keep His secret). At the first growl of the now transformed gator, He was to give Him the potion to change.

But The Fisherman was unaware that His assistant was terrified of alligators. When the time came to change back into His human form, the assistant panicked and dropped the second formula, causing it to smash on the head of the creature. Thus, only His ''head changed'' back into human form – the rest was still that of a gator! The Fisherman was now a monster of terrifying visage. The Fisherman's Mother found out the self-imposed curse and went to get another dram of potion. But unfortunately, The Wizard had just died. Without hope, The Fisherman's Mother soon too died of sorrow – leaving our now dubbed ''Alligator Man'' a legend. Women stopped going to the river bank to bathe – unless they were accompanied by a man with a gun! Saddened and forlorn, the self-made monster decided to ''end it all''. He allowed Himself to be floated by the river to The Sea (to die). It is unclear if He succeeded, because the half-Man, half-Gator creature has been said to been seen for many years along Bocas de Cenzia River.