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By Crusader1307

A Legend of many Slavic Countries The ''Dziwozona'' is a ''Water Demon'', often portrayed as a ''Hag-Like'' Older Female. However, some versions portray Her as rather''attractive''. Her disposition however is one of maliciousness and evil. Among Her ''talents'' is to act as if She is in distress, luring those fooling to help Her, into a watery grave. The most common Dziwozona Tale told, is that The species is incapable of producing ''normal'' babies. As such, they kidnap regular Human infants and ''replace'' them with their misshapen brood. Most of these ''Changelings'' seldom live past 10 years, but they are just as evil and troublesome as their ''real'' Mother. A method of protection if to tie a Red Ribbon around the wrist of a Newborn (or have them wear a wool Red Cap). It is known that The Dziwozona also like to wear Red, and they will leave the baby alone. Other methods, (after losing One's baby), involve taking The Changeling to a Trash Dump for organic material known as a Midden. Placing the baby ''Monster'' there, The Mother must cry out loud ''Here is Yours, Give Me Mine!'' This sometimes works. The Dziwozona (being found out), will supposedly return the stolen child.