• Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

Better known as ''Bamburg Prison'' was a specially built facility for those to be tried or convicted of Witchcraft. Built in 1627 AD at the height of The City of Bamburg's (Germany) ''Witchcraft Panic'', the stone and wood structure quickly became infamous in it's over zealous persecution of Witchcraft in The Region. Many of these poor souls (mostly women), were horribly tortured and executed to illicit a Confession for Witchcraft and Heresy. Most were no doubt simple Herbalists and Folk Healers, but much of the hysteria was based on hearsay and religious superstition. Some Men and Children (12 year olds), were also tortured in Drudenhaus' dungeons. Many artifacts of torture have survived, with many of these seen as ''haunted''. Finally, during The Thirty Year War when The Swedish Army captured Bamburg in 1632, Army Officials closed Drudenhaus and forbade any further trials. All (then) Prisoners were released. All told, 1,200 persons were tried and executed with Drudenhaus' walls. In 1635, the building was torn down.