• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

Also known as ''The Dreaming'', is an Australian Aboriginal Tribal spiritual concept in which these People believe that their Gods and other mythical beasts reside. In addition, all former once living relatives also reside in ''Dreamland''. The Aboriginals believe that once specially prepared both mentally and physically – can ''enter'' this Realm. In Western ideology, Dreamtime is sometimes compared to ''Astral Projection''. Some other ''fringe'' theories place the ''Region'' as a form of inter-dimensional method often used by Extraterrestrial Life to enter our ''sphere of existence''. Much like Astral Projection, if one (normally a Shaman) is not properly prepared to ''enter'' Dreamtime, they will become lost and their body will die. Dreamtime was seen as a method to have special answers to hard ''life choices'' that One needed.