Dorset Ooser

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By Crusader1307

A Medieval Ritual indicative to Southwestern England (Dorset), The ''Dorset Ooser'' was a type of Mask made of wood. Painted, The Mask bore actual hair and Horns on it's Crown. A rather frightening sight, The Ooser may have Pagan links. It is thought, that by wearing The Ooser Mask during The Vernal Equinox, One could ''scare away'' any Demons or Evil Spirits. In other words, fighting ''Fire with Fire'' as it were (that is assuming a Demon buys the fact that you too are a Demon). The Mask was also popular in the 17th Century AD. It was worn as a warning to Husbands whose wives were cheating on them (referencing The Horns, it is said). Today, The Ooser is seen more as a practical Town Joke.