Dona de Fuera

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By Crusader1307

Sicilian by Origin, the ''Dona de Fuera'' is a myth going back centuries. These were Being's (Female), who were associated with several other European ''Creatures'' – namely a Witch). Their name translates to ''Ladies From The Outside'' (relating to The Donas being ''set apart'' from ''regular'' Society). Some Regions also cite The Donas as more akin to Fairies). Although human-like, and quite stunning – they hat the feet of a Cat (sometimes a Horse's hooves). They traveled in groups of 7. This organization was called a ''Company''. Dona Companies loved in woods and while they shunned human contact, if a Man, Woman or Child did make such, they would welcome them. Attributed to Witchcraft due to Italy's version of The Inquisition – many women were accused of being Dona's in human disguise. As as such, many were executed (as well as a few Men). The most ''telling'' method of detection for a ''humanized'' Dona, was that a true Dona could not say the very name of The Virgin ''Mary'' (or so it was said).