Demonic Obsession

  • Demons, Devils and Saints
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By Crusader1307

Often placed into the same category as ''Demonic Possession'' (as we have seen), ''Demonic Obsession'' is actually quite a different ''malady''. While the traditional ''appearance'' of Demonic Possession is followed by supernatural manifestations ending with the physical (Demon) coming forth – Obsession requires no preternatural or physical appearance. A so ''affected'' Person is obsessed with acts of self-harm and an overly (unnatural) thoughts of The Occult. The end result of this ''Demonic Attack'' is to force The Victim to kill Themselves via suicide. And while most Psychologists and Health care Professionals assign this mental condition as a form of manic self-destruction rooted more in mental instability, brought about by a series of traumatic experiences, from the 17th Century AD forward – Church and Religious Officials have classed it as a form of ''Demonic Possession''.