Demon Burials

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen with ''Vampire Burials'', even those thought to be possessed or capable of possession were subjected, after death to various ''safeguarding'' practices. These would become known as ''Demon Burials''. Again dating to the 17th Century, it was assumed that Demons could possess a body after death. To make sure this did not happen, matters were taken into hand. A cache of skeletons exhumed from a grave site if Poland in 2008 bears this as fact. When certain bodies were buried, a sharpened hand sickle was placed in such a way (over either the neck or directly over the abdomen) so as IF a Demon tried to possess a deceased (and should they attempt to rise from their grave), the blade would slice thru them either beheading or eviscerate them! Seen as a preventive measure, at least 30 such remains were made such.