• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

From Ancient Greece, ''Demeter'' was The Goddess of Harvest and Fertility. Demeter was not one of the original ''12'' of Olympus. She was later seen as a ''Law Giver'' to later Greeks. As ''Goddess of The Earth'' (relating to Harvest and Growth was most probably the foundation for the term ''Mother Nature'' as used in many later Cultures Mythology involving ''Earth Creation''. She was also linked to ''resurrection'' by way of being ''Goddess of Poppies''. These seed bearing flowering plants were seen as a component of ''Death and The Underworld''. The consumption of which ''gave life after death''. In Harvest season, Demeter was given great fanfare and many rituals and ceremony. They marked both the beginning and end of Season. A certain portion of the early Harvest was ''dedicated'' to Demeter (as was the last). These offerings were given to fire. Ancient Rome adopted Demeter around the 2nd Century BC and renamed ''Ceres''. She is portrayed in Art as (first) a ''beautiful and vital'' Female, She was later shown as somewhat more ''matronly'' and in this guise, is found often seated as if in judgment.