• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

A Norwegian ''Ghost'' legend, The Deildegast are a Spirit Entity said to haunt Boundary Stones. A Boundary Stone is a man-made Marker made of placed stone (often rough hewn), which was used to show the political or territorial ''divide'' between Villages, Towns, Kingdoms and Countries throughout Europe. The stone used (often moved great distances), was said to belong to a mythical Race in Norway. Warlike, they did not see peace as an option, so in death ''rest'' was often unknown. However, when their stones from their land was taken, their Spirit would be forced to inhabit the place the stone was placed. The Deildegast Spirit would sow discord and mistrust to all who came too close to a Boundary Stone. They would naturally feed off the energy. This is why it was never prudent for Humans to hold Peace Conferences or sign Treaty's near Boundary Stones. It is said if The Deildegast can somehow move his stone back to ''His'' Lands, disharmony and dislike in a Region will end.