Ded Moroz

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By Crusader1307

Known throughout Russia and surround Regions, ''Ded Moroz'' was akin to the persona of ''Father Christmas'' and ''Santa Claus''. He is probably a piece of ''leftover'' cultural Pagan beliefs, with possible origins to the 1st Century AD. His name translates to ''Grandfather Frost'', as His story is related to the Winter Season. His traits involved giving food and gifts to ''good children'', usually on New Years Eve. Ded Moroz is portrayed as a ''kindly Old Man'', who wears a Blue Robe and carries a Shepherd's Staff. Popular until the rise of Communism in the early 20th Century, Ded Moroz was banned from Public functions at in all Soviet and Bloc Nations. With the fall of Socialism, Ded Moroz (which was still observed in secret), became a popular Christmas and New Years practice. Many Homes place statues of Ded Moroz in Homes or in yards, and some Regions have people portraying Him in costume.