''Death Knocks Thrice''

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By Crusader1307

A very common Folk Myth, is that of The ''Three Knocks of Death''. Many Cultures in The World associate the theory that IF one were to hear ''3 knocks'' (or bangs), on the entrance to their dwelling, then Death was coming for them or someone therein. The ''Death Knock'' would also be associated with the Late Medieval ideology of The ''Grim Reaper''. ''He'' will also purportedly ''knock thrice'' to announce that ''He Has Come For You!'' Perhaps more accurately, The ''Death Knock'' developed from The Black Death or Plague of the 14th Century AD. As was common, and owing to the high death rate, Burial Parties would travel the streets of a City or Village with wooden Carts. These carts were used to convey those dead from the dread disease (and a very quick plop into a mass grave). Suspected Homes of Plague victims were visited (or made known). The workers would approach the door and ''knock'' three time loudly, to be heard. They would take away the deceased. In a sidebar, and during the same sad period of time, Plague Doctors as well were known to ''bang loudly'' on the door or wall of their Patients  demanding entry. Their very appearance in their Plague Masks and black clothing no doubt conjured up the image of ''Mr. Death''.