Deal With The Devil

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By Crusader1307

An ancient concept more related to Medieval Europe and after, ''Dealing With The Devil'' was an important literary point in many stories in The Medieval Era. Regardless of on Stage or in Writing, the primary course was - that a Person made a verbal and written agreement with Lucifer for a specific need. This need could be Love or Knowledge, but most commonly – it was for power over others. In most examples, such an agreement was often finalized with a Written Contract. As we have previously discussed, these were ''sealed'' in blood or related fluid called ''Pact Ink''. In all cases, these Deals ended in trickery on Lucifer's behalf, causing a quick misfortune to the Signer, so He could collect the ''price of The Contract'' – a Soul! Western Religion used such tales in the ''cautionary vein'' of what would befall ''Heretics''. The subject was often portrayed in Art (Painting) as the classic personification of Lucifer (horns, tail and spiked Trident). ''He'' is shown holding a Contract (or Deed) in one hand with a quill (pen) in the other. The ''requester'' of His offered ''power'' is standing by, prepared to sign His ''Soul away'' for the requested ''gift''. The Subject is still one of the most identifiable ''demonic'' elements in Literature and Film.