• Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

In Hindu Culture, The Dayan is an Evil Witch. She is capable of casting spells and great misery in a Village or Town (if provoked). The Dayan is also linked to the infamous ''Evil Eye'', by which if The Dayan ''stares'' at One, they will be cursed by a plethora of maladies. Variations on Dayan has Her with long black nails and ''feet that face backwards''. The color Red is Her favorite and having the color in One's home or by wearing it, will attract a Dayan. The Dayan does have a weakness, however. They are known for their long, black hair which, it is said id the source of their power. If one can catch a Dayan sleeping, and can cut off Her locks, She is powerless (at least until Her hair grows back!)