Daruma San

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 Oh those Japanese and their ''Ghost Stories'' and Urban Legends! This somewhat scary tale is a Ritual that can be performed to summon a Ghost. It is known as Daruma San. Daruma San is the name of the girl who died quite by accident in of all places...a bathtub. In order to bring Her forth, one must wait until they take their nightly (hopefully) bath. When you begin to wash your hair (again hopefully), while you perform this task, do NOT open your eyes throughout the following. As you wash, say ''Daruma San'' over and over. It is said you will begin to ''see'' a girl all in white with long black hair (typical for a Yokai, huh?) - in your ''Mind's Eye''. But remember, do NOT open your eyes. Next ask Daruma San ''how'' she died. ''She'' will ''show'' you that while she was washing Her hair, she slipped and fell forward, striking Her eye and forehead on the faucet. Get out of the tub at this point, still with eyes closed, and dry yourself off......go to sleep. All thru the following day, you will begin to ''see'' fleeting images of Daruma San just about everywhere you go. This may be fun for a minute, but how do you get Her to go away? Easy, you have 24 hours to perform the vanquishing ritual or Daruma San will haunt your dreams forever (until you go insane from lack of sleep). The next time you ''see'' her, yell out ''Kitta'' and make a chopping motion with your hand. This will ''break the spell'' and your life can go one, now having experienced a true Paranormal Entity.