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By Crusader1307

''Dactyls'' were an ancient Race of ''Spirit Men'' who were told of in Ancient Greek and surrounding Regional (mostly The Isle of Crete) myths. The Race was seen as being Servants of Mother Earth (or ''Gaia''). Malevolent for the most part, to appease The Dactyls, One had to press their palm to any portion of ground and utter (offer) a ''prayer'' of thanks (for the job that The Dactyls performed). In short, The Dactyls were a form of Protectors. They would attack those whose foolishly wasted resources or ''took too much from Nature''. In this guise, The Dactyls were seen as ''warlike'' Beings. The Race were also expert Blacksmiths, and forged all their own weapons and armor. Some Writers cite JRR Tolkien's ''Middle Earth'' characters were taken (in part) from The Dactyls mythos.