• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

A practice of Divination, ''Dactylomancy'' is the process of using a ring or circular object to ''answer'' questions relating to One's fortune. Typically, the ''responses'' are simply ''Yes'' and ''No''. In usage, a Ring or circle is tied to a piece of string or twine and suspended 12-inches from a surface. Without movement, a Person asks a question – to which the Reader (who is not moving the device), will interpret ''how The Spirits'' move the Ring (left or right for the response). During the 14th Century, when Dactylomacy was at it's ''height'', a series of Rings fashioned into known Zodiac symbols, were suspended and used in a similar vein. However, as an ''addition'', a special cloth was placed underneath the images. After all questions were asked and answered – the cloth was burned with the ashes scattered. This made sure that the ''spell'' was set. Naturally, the practice would be quickly condemned by The Church as ''demonic''. Other construction materials included precious metals, each corresponding to planetary influences, which too were used to forecast One's future.