Cutty Dyer

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By Crusader1307

  An English Legend that comes to us from South Devon and in particular The Moors near Ashburton. The still foreboding swamps almost stay in perpetual mist. A more hazardous place you would be hard to find. So much so, that it served as inspiration for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's masterpiece of 19th Century suspense – ''The Hound of The Baskervilles''. But no ''demonic hound'' is the crux of our Tale. A devilish Imp known as Cutty Dyer is. The Legend goes back many centuries. ''His'' origins are long long – but the Creature (also identified as an Ogre by some), seems to live under various bridges over The Yeo River. Cutty has a particular dislike for disobedient children who do not listen to their Parents and wander too close to either The Moors or The Bridges there. Cutty will catch them – cut their throat and drink their blood! Cutty also has a related dislike for habitual inebriates. They suffer a similar fate if caught. Described as a ''tall bluish Being with sagging skin and wide saucer-like eyes'', Cutty Dyer has rows of very sharp fangs. He is also said to have a horrible odor (which can also be used as a warning that He is ''prowling the area''). Oddly, stories of Cutty still persist – as late as 2015 it seems.