Cunning Folk

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

''Cunning Folk'' is a term applied to Persons who are thought to be Practitioners of Folk and Herbal Magic. The term was seen in common usage in England around the 15th Century AD. In many Countries, such ''Cunning Folk'' were turned to by The Poor, as a means of healing (when most could ill afford the services of a traditional Doctor). Spells, Charms and Herbal remedies were the order of the day for ''Cunning Folk''. They often worked in The ''Barter System''. This meant they would accept animals, food or an exchange of services as their payment. Naturally, The Church (both Catholic and Protestant), found such ''skills'' as being in league with The Devil or at the least Pagan. This, despite the fact that most Monks and Nuns were themselves skilled in such Herbal Arts. Many ''Cunning Folk'' were unfairly persecuted and in many cases tortured and executed. Many would go into hiding as a result, however such Crafts can still be found in some parts of Europe, even today.