Cueva del Pirata

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By Crusader1307

''Piracy'' has always been a staple of many Legends and Mysteries since the ''vocation'' began. With so many such ''Tales'', it goes without saying that the Legend of The ''Cave of Pirates'' - or Cueva del Pirata fits well. Said to be located in Chile, South America, the ''Curse'' is laid upon the exploits of English Explorer (and Pirate to some) - Sir Francis Drake. Local Spanish Settlers said that in the 16th Century - Drake and a Raiding Party - attacked the Town of Quintero. He sacked most of the Towns Churches for their gold and treasures. Being a Prostestant, Drake supposedly ''deficated'' in golden goblets and committed other ''evil acts''. Stealing the treasure of The Church, Drake fould that He had so much that He had to leave most of it behind when He sailed.


It was said He placed His treasure into a coastal Cave planning to come back and retrieve it. But Drake apparently NEVER did. As such, Locals state that the Cave (unknown as to an exact location) - still ''waits'' for One brave enough to find it. But, as the Legend continues, the rising Sea tide is treacherous. The Cave will rapidly flood for days at a time, making death a very real possibility. But, as stated - The Cave of The Pirates is merely local Legend......Right?