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By Crusader1307

A mythical ''Land'' invented in Medieval England of the 14th Century AD ''Cockaigne'' was said to be a land where ''Commoners'' were ''equal'' to their Masters and Nobles. One could ''work if One wished, or drink as much as he wished''. Food was also as ''plentiful and available whenever One wished it''. Marriage was ''open'' and Sex was even more so with anyone One wished! Such luxury and vice was largely unavailable to a Peasant. Often ''dreaming'' of the life of a King or Noble (answering to no one), was seen as the ''ultimate fantasy'' One could have in The Middle Ages. Portrayed in Art and Literature throughout The Era, the very term ''Cockaigne'' would be used to identify England's more ''earthly folk''. Later, in the 18th Century AD, those ''working class'' Londoners who worked hard (and played harder), were linked to the Medieval term and called ''Cockneys''.