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By Crusader1307

Indicative to Myanmar Culture, The ''Chinthe'' is a mythical Lion-Like Creature, very similar to The Southeast Asian and Chinese Temple Beasts known as The ''Foo Dragon''. The Chinthe also guards the entrances to Temples. According to The Chinthe origin story, a Princess married an enchanted Lion. The Princess gave birth to a Son, and then decided that She no longer wished to be married to a mythical beast. This angered The Lion, who set upon the World, killing all and any who crossed His path. When The Son grew up, He decided to save Humanity by slaying the mythical creature. He did, and later found out that The Lion was His Father. So distressed, The son fashioned His Father's imaged into a Golden Lion. He placed the now named Chinthe, to guard Temples as a means of atoning for His Father's sin of murder. To this day, a Temple must have at least two such Chinthe at it's entrance.