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By Crusader1307

Of Brazilian and Peruvian origins, The ''Chullachaki'' is an Elemental Being, which is said to live only in the deepest of Jungles. Humanoid in overall appearance, The Chullachaki can make Himself ''appear'' to be any animal He likes. He like to confuse Hunters by leading them farther into a Jungle becoming so lost they eventually die. Without a Female Form, The Chullachaki must steal Human babies to reproduce their Race (although just how an otherwise normal looking Human ''becomes'' The Creature is never made known in most story versions). Only 4-feet tall, their head resembles that of a Bat (or Rodent by some). They have long arms and clawed hands. They do not communicate. If no Humans go into ''their territory'' (ala a hunt), other than their yearly ''kidnapping'' Missions The Chullachaki tend to avoid Human contact. It is said they are very good Gardeners (having their own were they grow food). One of the best methods is to not have a Garden facing their Jungle. They will become curious and approach One's House...oft to the ill fortune of The Owner!