• Demons and Devils
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By Crusader1307

Common in many Slavic Countries, The ''Chort'' is a Demon which was first portrayed as a ''traditional'' Devil. Humanoid, they had the bottom half of a Goat (covered in fur) with the torso of a Human (save it's Horns). Later, The Chort took on a far more sinister appearance that of a rotting corpse! Chort is said to be the Son of the previously mentioned Chernobog. The Chort was used to emphasize the foolishness of requesting wealth, power or something related, from The Devil or Demon. Should a person so ''wish'', Chort appears with the appropriate need. The cost is naturally One's Soul. As with most cautionary tales of this nature, whatever One wished will eventually bring misery and displeasure. This is Chort's real purpose. As such, after death Chort ''appears'' to collect your Soul for His Master The Devil.