• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

A ''quaint'' Japanese ''Ghost Tale'' (Yokai), The Chochinbi are said to be ''Ghost Footsteps'' that follow certain people. Unlike other ''Phantom Walkers'' from elsewhere, The ''footsteps'' of The Chochinbi are visible as small wisps of flame. These Ghostly ''firesteps'' are known to appear on certain Mountain in Japan. Their origins are not known, or why only their footsteps are seen. They are however – heard. Coming from the rear while walking, One must give way to Chochinbi. Doing so, and saying the phrase, ''Please Go Ahead'' (and stepping aside, will give you ''Good Luck''. NOT DOING SO, is the opposite.....''Bad Luck''. The Chochinbi mythos dates to the 15th Century AD.