Chinvat Bridge

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By Crusader1307

According to The Zoroastrian Religious System, The ''Chinvat Bridge'' is a passage required to be traversed by all who have died. The ''Bridge'' leads to both Paradise and Eternal Damnation. The location is said to be guarded by Hounds with ''4 eyes'' and have a similar purpose to ''Cerebus'' (of Greece and Rome) or The Dragnr (of Norse Mythos). It is said that those who were evil on Earth, will in The Afterlife, perceive The Chinvat as a much smaller and more dangerous and hazardous to cross. Halfway (it seems), Demons will snatch The Cursed Soul and take them to their punishment. Conversely, those who are good, will find a much larger and well constructed Bridge easier to cross. These souls are greeted by ''Divine Beings'', who will convey such souls to The ''House of Song'' or eternal bliss. The Bridge has been said by some Theologians to resemble The ''Milky Way'' Galaxy which plays into The Religious Faith of Zoroastrian Believers. Others cite that The Bridge is a Linear passage from the Earth straight to The Heavens (or in reverse for those Evil).