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By Crusader1307

 Perhaps no ''Underworld'' Entity is as well known or related in Literature and Art as Charon. From Ancient Greece, ''He'' is also known as ''The Ferryman'' of Hades. It is His responsibility to ''transport'' Souls safely across the River Styx in The Underworld to Hades. As His myth goes, One must pay for this Service with a Coin. As such and as part of Ancient Greek Funerary Customs, The Deceased was buried with a coin on their ''persons'' which would travel with them to The Underworld as ''payment'' when They ''met'' Charon. Different versions of coinage exist. Some cite two coins placed on the eyes of the deceased and others a single coin placed inside the mouth of the dead. This Funerary practice was an important component in Rituals for all Greeks regardless of Social status.

It is somewhat unclear just ''who'' Charon was in life and ''how'' He merited this position in Hades. Conversely, Charon's appearance changes much through History. From a ''kindly and wise'' Old Mariner, to a ''Skeletal visage'' Charon is also portrayed wearing a long and covering cloak. Many Historians cite that Charon would serve as an early model for The ''Grim Reaper'' of much later centuries. As stated, Charon is a Ferryman. This too is often left up to several views of the term. In some, a simple ''flat boat'' which is ''pulled along The River Styx'' to the opposite shore by a secured rope. Some versions are His vessel is an actual barge other a skiff. Charon will either ''pull, row or punt'' depending on the version. He would also be adopted by The Ancient Romans and appeared in many Tales and Epics of those Eras.