• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

Relative to The English ''Cunning Folk'' ''Charmers'' of the 17th Century AD, were a form of Folk Magic Practitioners who used their ''abilities'' to ''lay hands'' upon someone who was reported to be ill. They ''used'' their power to health as such providing the sufferer ''used'' their often expensive ''elixirs and formulas''. Naturally, such ''skills'' lead to illegal activities and obvious cons often causing those ignorant of their trickery to to consume often poisonous compounds. No doubt some ''Charmers'' may have had ''real'' abilities which would have been akin to Witchcraft and Sorcery. As such, ''Charmers'' were subject too to being tried, convicted and executed as Witches and Warlocks. One sure fire way of determining IF a Charmer was ''real'', was quite simple. Real Charmers do not charge for their services IF they feel a sufferer cannot pay or is in ''dire need''.