Charm Stone

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

''Charm Stones'' were a common form of Talisman (Amulet) seen in many Cultures throughout The World. These articles were shaped by either nature or by man-made sources to resemble other objects seen as ''Good Luck''. Naturally, those found ''made by nature'' (water, erosion, etc.) - were seen as the most valuable. Charm Stones were not always made of stone. Some examples could come from minerals or even metal. Often, these ''Charms'' were set into wearable necklaces or amulets and used to ''ward off'' the ''Evil Eye'' and related misfortunes. Some of the earliest examples date to the 2nd Century AD. Another common belief relating to Charm Stones, was those fashioned to resemble a Serpent. When worn, One was safe from Snakebite. In Native American Culture, Charm Stones needed to be ''blessed'' by A Medicine Man or Shaman.