Chao Kam Nai Wen

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

As stated, Thailand (Far East Asia), is a Country ''full'' of rich Legends and Myths – some of which harbor terrifying results. The Culture believes in many different Entities – both Good and Bad. One such ''Being'' is a Spirit-like Entity called The Chao Kam Nai Wen. These are former Human Beings, who were very wronged in life. Perhaps they were forced to be ''worked to death'' by a former Boss (or even ''Master'' in Slavery). Perhaps they were a Family Member, taken advantage of by another – robbed of a fortune or inheritance. These ''causes'' will create The Chao Kam Nai Wen, upon the death of the ''sufferer''. They often ''appear'' as small ''Troll-like'' Beasts, covered in hair with long sharp claws. They also ''smell'' like rotten ''eggs'' (sulfer). The Wen appears shortly after death in the home of the former tormentor. Whenever that person tries to sleep, The Wen claws and torments them – robbing them of any sleep and rest. It is said that until the ''wrong is righted'', The Wen will continue – until the tormentor either goes insane or dies.....whichever comes first!