• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

''Ceto'' is an Ancient Greek Myth, which relates to a very early form of Sea Goddess. These were identified by the Ancient Greeks as ''Primordial Deities''. Such were considered the ''First Gods'', which existed during The Chaos of Creation. Ceto was said to have given birth to many of the Grecian Sea Demons and Monsters of later Legend. In this, She is a prime link to The Jewish ''Lilith'' Legend. She is shown in early Greek Art as being Human, with no associated mutations. She was said to be much as the later Titans were enormous in stature. Later, Her name would be adopted to ''Ketos'' which translated to ''Sea Monster''. Ceto is also said to be the Mother of The Gorgon Race. Some of Her ''Children'' are also mention in Homer's ''The Odyssey''.