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By Crusader1307

A Tale from Medieval Welsh Mythology – ‘’Ceridwen’’ was worshiped by Pagan and later Neo-Pagans. A ‘’Goddess’’ who was associated with ‘’transformation, change and rebirth’’, ‘’She’’ has a somewhat more ‘’human’’ (of sorts) beginning. According to very few surviving texts, Ceridwen was an Enchantress (Witch). She was said to be very beautiful and very powerful. She used a Magic Cauldron to perform her Spells. This cauldron was important to Her overall ability to raise The Dead. It seems She could take the bodies of Welsh Warriors, killed in battle – and placing them inside Her Pot. The Warrior would magically come back to life and continue to fight His Enemy. However, these were ‘’Beings without a Soul’’ and subservient to Ceridwen ONLY. Should this ‘’Zombie Warrior’’ fall again, they remained so. As one can imagine Kings sought to control this cauldron of The Enchantress as a mean of ultimate power over life and death. Said to have fallen in love with a mere Human, She gave birth to a daughter, who would be the overall ‘’root’’ for all Wiccans.