• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

The term ''Cephalonmancy'' is associated with a rather ''Ancient'' form of Divination which involved the ''reading'' (or determination through visual analysis) of a Skull – to determine a variety of needs. From Spiritual ''questions to determining guilt or innocence (as in Ancient Scotland), The Practice needed either the Human Skull of a ''condemned'' person (executed), or known ''Witch''. By looking at various cracks and fissures, a ''skilled'' Cephalonmancer could extract IF the accused was guilty of His or Her ''crime'' (Treason, Witchcraft etc). Later, The Practice was adopted to Animal Skulls and used to forcast future happenings (Paganism). Sometimes, Healing Arts could be established by using the skulls of either a Goat or Donkey (Spain). Cephalonmancy would ''evolve'' into other forms of questionable determinations in ''living'' persons (again using the skulls of long dead criminals), to compare for established ''traits'' that all criminals were thought to have, or in 18th and 19th Century theories concerning ''lower evolved'' Humans.