Celtic Otherworld

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By Crusader1307

In Celtic Tradition, ''The Otherworld'' is described as a ''Supernatural realm filled with great beauty and abundance. Many mythical creatures dwell (or come from) The Otherworld. It ''exists'' between the veil of Our World and The Afterlife (or Death). Traversing over into The Otherworld is a hazardous and seldom accomplished task. Only various Burial Mounds have ''access points'' and One cannot simply start ''disturbing The Dead'' to locate such an entrance. They are only known to the wisest and oldest of Sorcerers. However, on certain times of the year in England, Wales and Scotland -  entry can be accomplished without the aid of a Mound. If a bad storm suddenly stops, and a strange and thick Mist appears -  One can walk into same and enter The Otherworld. Unfortunately, 'departing'' is often impossible.