Cave Canem

  • Symbolism
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By Crusader1307

An ''ancient'' phrase which is still used today (in it's modern form) – ''Cave Canem'' is roughly translated to ''Beware of Dog''. Dating to the 1st BC forward in Ancient Rome, the use of Canines (Dogs) were common among Merchants (Store Owners) and persons of wealth, as a means of protecting their goods. As with today, signage was created as a means of ''warning Thieves'' that the fate of being bitten or mauled was present. Mosaics were commonly created on the threshold of an Entrance to a structure. The image was of a Dog, often snarling. Another related tradition for ''Cave Canem'' was seen as a cautionary move. Some smaller breeds of Canine (kept as pets), could be easily trampled if One was not careful with their steps. As such, such signage may have been used to warn visitors to ''watch their step''.