Catherine's Hill

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Picturesque Catherine's Hill is located near the Township of Franklin, off State Route 182 in The State of Maine. But it's traditional Maine beauty is marred by a long told Ghost Tale that goes back to the year 1860. So ''popular'' it seems, that the following ''Spectre'' was supposedly last ''see'' as late as 2014. The origin story of the haunting has two versions. One a 19th Century version, involving a Carriage and a 20th Century one, about an automobile. Both versions involve a girl named Catherine. ''She'' was fatally injured in an accident on SR 182, near a small mountain, which would eventually bear Her name. In the crash, Catherine loses Her head. It is unclear if She was driving too fast or lost control. Through the years thereafter, people driving by say they sometimes ''see'' a ''bloody and headless Phantom'' wandering the lonely road. One ''must'' acknowledge ''Her'' and not run away. In this lies the ''curse''. Failure to acknowledge ''Catherine'' will lead to Her ''appearing'' in the back seat of your car. This ''vision'' will be so terrifying, that you will lose control and crash yourself....