Caroline Walker

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

 A rather unusual story, The Town of Freiburg, Germany is known for one particular strange happening – every year. The local Town Cemetery (having been around since the 18th Century), saw the tragic death and burial of one Ms. Caroline Walker. Having died (possibly of sickness) – in 1867, She had a modest Family background. Her Family spent a vast sum in having a massive stone funerary image (crafted to resemble Caroline exactly) – placed over Her Grave. The ''stone'' Caroline is shown to this day reclining ''in Peace'' – as if asleep. However, ever since Caroline died in 1867, ''someone'' has been placing fresh flowers into the hand of the funerary statue. It is claimed that the last of Her Family died out toward the end of the 19th Century. Not many ''modern'' Relative (if there were any), who continue the ''tradition'' – every anniversary of Her death. And while some of The World's ''most famous'' are still honored this way – Caroline was a ''regular and unassuming'' Person. Just who is still placing the flowers Some claim that the practice is part of the Town's way of fostering tourism – especially to those of a ''paranormal'' nature. The Town Government says that even with Guards posted, the flowers ''appear''. No doubt it is a hoax, or perhaps Caroline (who reportedly loved flowers), is still ''receiving such'' from a Ghostly admirer.