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By Crusader1307

Scotland has many ''Beasties'' to tell of, one particularly ''nasty'' Lass, is The ''Caoineag''. She was known of as far back as the early 17th Century AD. She is a type of ''Banshee''. She is heard constantly ''weeping'' (crying). In this, The Caoineag make known when One is to die. The Victim, by whatever means, is the only One who will ''hear'' Her crying. Some Clans in Scotland say that Witches would routinely be hired to curse other Clans as a kind of Supernatural weapon of sorts, when they warred. Witches would invoke The Caoineag for this work. Perhaps it was more of a ''psychological warfare'' than anything else. The Caoineag is also linked to The ''Angel of Death'' myth as well.