Calan Gaeaf

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By Crusader1307

An Ancient Tradition in some portions of Wales (UK) – ''Calan Gaeaf'' was a time which was observed on November 1st. It was that on this day, the Spirits of The Dead and other ''Beasties'' were allowed back to Earth and congregated at Crossroads, Churchyards and Stiles (Fence Crossings). As such, for a 24-hour period, it was best to ''stay indoors and pray'' or go to Church. In some Regions, Family would lock themselves into their Homes and Cottages and pray and feast with Family. One NEVER opened the door, for fear that a Spirit would enter and be trapped inside the home for an entire year. Later thru the Centuries, Calan Gaeaf changed to include Townspeople gathering on the night and build a great fire. Around the fire was placed a circle of flat stones – each with the name of a particular Townsperson. These were left around the fire after the Townspeople finishes to attract and ''fool'' mischievous Spirits from following them Home.