Borley Rectory

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Perhaps one of England's most enduring Ghost ''Legends'' – Borley Rectory (located near Essex) gained a reputation for many years as Britain's ''most haunted''. However later (likewise many), investigations into the matter caused most ''serious'' Researchers to dismiss much of the stories and so-called ''phenomenon''. Sadly, in 1939, a fire broke out – completely destroying The Rectory. It's ruins would remain (perhaps even adding to the ghostly reports), until being totally leveled in 1944. The out buildings (built at various times thru History still remain, with several residential structures on the grounds in use and private ownership. None of these homeowners have ever reported any strange least not yet.

The grounds date to perhaps the 13th Century AD, and were a Medieval Rectory (hence it's name). There are many Legends associated with the many ''haunts'' of Borley. The most popular is that a Middle Ages Monk and Nun had a relationship. When found out, The Nun was punished by being ''walled up'' alive – ala an EA Poe Horror Tale. ''She'' was reported to have been ''seen'' wandering the property for Centuries. When new land owners took control of Borley in 1862, no structures then existed, only the various smaller out buildings (all of which had various uses over the Centuries).

However, the new owners began to ''see'' things too. From ''Headless Coachmen'' to ''wailing and distraught'' Phantoms of various types, word soon spread (perhaps by servants) – that something was very wrong at Borley. Not only physical manifestations were experienced, by inside the newly built ''Rectory'' Mansion, Poltergeist activity abounded. Which brings us to Harry Price. Price was a late 19th and early 20th Century Psychic and Paranormal Researcher, who (like America's Harry Houdini), went about disproving false Mediums and Seances. Price was under constant attack by Mainstream Science and Newspapers for His own brand of purported ''fakery''. According to multiple investigations, very ''Dark Spirits'' inhabited Borley Rectory and it's surrounding grounds. These claims caused the then current Owners brought liable against Price. Most of these Cases failed in Court.

A mysterious fire broke out in 1938 which totally destroyed Borley. Left a burnt out hulk, this too added to the many reports of hauntings. During World War II (1944), the ruins were razed. Today, Borley's very foundations are long gone, but most of the out building are still very much in use and under private ownership. Although some past Owners have claimed that ''things'' have occurred, they are steadfastly against any form of Paranormal Research. Borley Rectory has been the ''stuff'' of multiple Horror Movies – each either added more or seldom telling the real story of what was England's ''Most Haunted'' Location.