Booty v Barnaby

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By Crusader1307

Seldom in History does The ''Paranormal'' mixes with Judicial Opinion. But, an actual Legal case was placed before The English Legal System in the year 1687 AD. A ''head scratcher'' by today's standards (that any Court would even ''hear'' such a Proceeding), it goes as such. A pair of Merchants (riding one night outside The Village of Wentworth), claimed to see a Man they identified as ''Mr. Barnaby'' (another well known Merchant), being chased through a field by none other than The Devil. This was ''unusual'' in that Mr. Barnaby was dead (having died some time earlier). The ''Barnaby Ghost'' was crying that ''The Devil was coming to steal His Soul and take it to Hell!'' Quickly, a ''Pit opened before them'' a great Hole from which ''fire and smoke could be seen issuing forth''. Both Men described the smell of ''Brimstone'' in the air. The hapless ''Spirit'' was taken up by ''Old Scratch'' and the rest is imagination. The ''scene'' quickly vanished from sight. The travelers quickly told the take of their encounter to many. As such, The Village became very well known for the ''Event''. So embarrassed by this ''scandal'', Barnaby's Widow brought Suit for ''liable and defamation''. The Case was thought to ''really have been brought about as a means to secure properties and contracts that were lucrative (once having been owed by a ''living'' Barnaby). 30 such ''witnesses and Experts'' were presented by The Defense. The Court naturally ruled against The Widow, for although no concrete evidence was presented ''who would tamper 30 Witnesses '' The Widow would be dead of natural causes soon after. And yes, The Merchants took over Old Barnaby's Concerns. But some would much later state that ''32 more will be running as well, soon enough!''