Booger Jim

  • Urban Legends
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Perhaps an Urban Legend, or a tale made of of many unrelated ones – The ''Legend of Booger Jim'' is a staple of Blacksburg, South Carolina. Beginning in the early 1970s, no one is sure just exactly why ''He'' was called ''Booger''. One theory is that the Man was very much disliked in Town. Relating to The American Southern word ''Booger'' – or problem, some say this is where His nickname came from. A drunk and trouble maker, ''Booger Jim'' was said to be a very cruel type. One night, as the legend goes - He came Home drunk again and fought with His Wife. Having put up with His ''mood'' too many times – She packed Her and their Child's belonging to leave Jim. Enraged, Jim flew into a violent assault. It was said He choked His Wife to death. While this violence was going on, Jim's child awoke and screamed in His Mother's defense. Jim (in His drunken state), turned His fury on His Child – strangling Him to death as well. Jim (it is said) – passed out.

Waking in the morning, Jim saw what His drunken rage had wrought. Fearing for His own life (for no doubt The Police would learn the truth), Jim decided to kill himself. He walked to The Blacksburg Bridge and hung Himself with Car Battery Charging cables. His body was found later, as was His murdered Wife and Child. It was no stretch for The Police to determine what had happened. But since that time, many who drive over The Bridge report seeing a ''Man waving wildly, as if to beckon One to stop''. The ''Man'' appears to be ''yelling'' but One cannot hear Him. This is because, upon closer view, The Man's neck is tightly wrapped with a Cable! This alone causes most to drive off in terror. Most say that this is ''Booger Jim's'' final reward. To haunt the Bridge forever........