Blue Men of The Minch

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By Crusader1307

A fable of Scotland, The ''Blue Men'' are said to inhabit the water around Scotland. Their origins are Eons old, and are often linked to The ''Fallen'' (Angels evicted from Heaven during The War between Lucifer and God). These Beings are Blue in color, but closely resemble Human Men. In the water, the ''travel'' with their torso exposed (much as a Dolphin travels upright). Their goal is to kill Sailors and sink Ships. According to Legend, a Leader of Blue Men will approach a Ship at Sea and engage The Captain in a ''game'' of Poetry ''guessing''. The Leader will recite a line of Poetry and The Captain must finish it. If unable to, The Blue Men will try and sink the Vessel. In reality, The Blue Men may actually be Picts. They painted their bodies Blue and were known to traverse waters in a Kayak-type boat. At distance, it would appear that they were visible from only the waist up.