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By Crusader1307

A Ritual of Norse Culture (Pagan) The ''Blot'' was a highly stylized Ceremony by which various forms of sacrifice were made to The Gods. Rather than most such examples involving ''blood letting'' by either a Human or Animal The Blot was simply a fancy meal (feast), which involved various feats of strength, the telling of Epic Stories and other means of ''honoring The Gods''. Often another example of Norse Social Bonding, much food and drink were involved. Families were also included and some Blots could last for several weeks. They were normally held just prior to the first Harvest, as a way of honoring The Gods for ''allowing One to survive The Winter and having a rich reaping (harvest)''. Winter ''Blots'' (not relating to The Harvest) were also known to be had, often giving thanks to the Gods for a variety of events and honors the previous year.