Black Witch

  • Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

 As we have seen, Magic (from a Supernatural definition) is broken down into three classifications. These are ''White'', ''Black'' and ''Gray''. Each regulates the type of Spells and abilities of the particular Practitioner. Conversely, Witchcraft was too broken down into Classes. ''White'' (for malevolence or ''Good'') and of course ''Black'' (for Evil or more appropriately Demonic and Satanic). This brings us to the primary Practitioner a ''Black Witch''. Medieval Culture and The Church violently attacked Folk Magic and Witches as ''against God'' and thus Heretical. As we have seen, great measure were taken to persecute Witches and signs of their ''Craft''. By definition, not all Witches were ''bad''. But this is about those who were. As Practitioners of The ''Dark Arts'' Black Witches were the Human Actors of The Devil. They summoned ''His'' Powers (thru Demons), and plagued and terrorized Humankind. All manner of Evil and Malady was blamed on The Black Witch. Selling ''their Souls'' and bodies to Satan Black Witches were seen as the pinnacle of Evil.

As stated before, Black Witches were perhaps made ''Evil'' by The Church and through contemporary Writers. It is well known that the ''Black Hat'', Cape and all other trappings of ''Witchery'' were ''created'' as such. The populace's image of Witches were laid.....and would continue even today in some Countries. So much superstition exists about ''Evil Witches'' (and their Male counterparts ''Warlocks'') that much of their real purpose and abilities are lost or at best twisted.