Black Hope Cemetery

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

 Most are familiar with The American Horror Ghost film from the 1980s known as ''Poltergeist''. In it, an average Family moves into what they think is their ''dream home'' and Community of Track Homes. What they find out is that their Community was built over a former Cemetery in which Developers claimed they ''moved the bodies'' (they did not). As predictable, paranormal activities abound to a violent conclusion. While ''fiction'', it would not surprise some that such things did in fact happen (or is claimed to have). Enter the story of ''Black Hope'' Cemetery near Crosby, Texas.

The State of Texas was a former Confederate State during The Civil War of 1861-1865. Afterwards, many former Slaves stayed in The State and tried to make a life for themselves. However, Reconstruction and the many years of ''Racial Segregation'' Laws made life at best ''difficult. Black Americans were not even allowed to be buried in ''Mixed'' or White Graveyards when they died. As a result, many ''Black Cemeteries'' sprang up in out of the way locations, often rudely built (and not designed to last).

Black Hope Cemetery lasted from the 1870s until the last internment in 1939. By the 1960s, it was long forgotten and overgrown by Nature. In fact, many of the Headstones had long since crumbled or been defaced. When a Housing Development Agency brought the land, they ''claimed'' (later), that they did not know that it was a former Cemetery. It was a marketed Housing Community in the late 1970s and 1980s. The Haney Family eagerly brought a home in the quiet and peaceful location. It increase their value in the Home, they decided to build a pool. However, as it was being dug workers found a disturbing discovery. Two remains (skeletons) in decayed caskets. They remains were possibly a married couple, for two gold wedding rings were also discovered. Local Law Enforcement was called to investigate.

It was then determined (through an old local man who had buried many of the deceased), that The Housing Development was built (in some sections) over The Cemetery, In later Lawsuits, The Housing Company claimed they had no idea that there were still bodies present. The land was simply bulldozed over. The Haney's decided to honor the disturbed graves of ''The Couple'' and reinstalled them with a memorial. Unfortunately, this didn't work.

Strange activities began to occur in 1982. Unplugged electrical devices would suddenly ''come to life'' in the middle of the night. Intense ''cold spots'' would begin to develop (even during hot summer months). Most odd, ''voices'' (described as ''whispers'') would be heard quite often. And it was not just The Haney's. Others in the Neighborhood reported similar ''happenings''. Some stated that in either their front or backyard, ''square shaped'' sinkholes (depressions) would appear overnight. Shaped as a grave, the phenomenon happened overs the years when earth settles over such over the years (often as a result of coffins collapsing under years of weight from water seepage. As soon as these depressions were filled, they would ''re-appear'' in a day. Oddly, most lawsuits against The Development Agency were lost by Homeowners (those that sued). And while some still live in the area (stating they never had ''any'' issues), many of the Homes involved with ''activities'' still are vacant........(Anyone What to buy a Cheap House?)