• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

In Ancient Japanese Mythology – a ''Binbogami'' was a Spirit who possessed people and dwellings. These were malevolent Beings, who ''enjoyed Human comforts and pleasures''. As such they, were a problem to those who sought excess and over stimulation. These were the kind of victims The Binbogami liked to ''inhabit''. They were notoriously hard to remove. In addition to a ''Spiritual Cleansing'' of a Dwelling, the ''Possessed'' had to wear ''iron boots'' for a period of several weeks. The Spirits hate all iron and the ''feel of it'' drives them insane and they will eventually leave their Host. Another method of keeping The Spirit away, was to build a ''Binobogami House'' in one's yard. By maintaining food and drink offerings at ''The House'' – The Binbogami will live there and not bother Humans.