• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

While ''Bibliomancy'' conjures up images of dark ''Grimoires'' the term is used to describe any book used to produce ''hidden knowledge'' and provide the required ''steps'' to invoke or produce Spells that produce a tangible, physical outcome. In other words a ''Spell Casters'' Tome! A variety of such Books could in fact fit into the class of Bibliomancy. Such books as far back as Ancient Greece, were said to be put to a ''test'' for their ''magical abilities''. This was that the book in question had to ''reveal some hidden truth'' to the Reader. Second, the book was balance on it's Spine and allowed to fall evenly open (and not just to one side closed). Finally, said Reader (with eyes close) would be able (with finger), to ''find'' such ''hidden knowledge''. Bibliomancy is often confused with it's Witchcraft counterpart ''Book of Shadows''. Bibliomancy involves books that are already written, as opposed to a ''Shadow'' Book, which is a compendium of written and accepted spells used by various Witches. The mere possession of some of these ''Hidden Knowledge'' Books could incite imprisonment, trial and death in some Centuries.