Ben Drowned

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By Crusader1307

 While we still ''swim'' in the ''creepy waters'' of modern electronic Urban Legend We must look at the tale of ''Ben Drowned''. A novel ''Terror Tale'', worthy of decades past in The Horror genre, ''Ben'' centers around a ''haunted'' video game. ''The Legend of Zelda'' was a popular (and very early) video game from the 1990s. Having many installments to The Franchise since, in 2000 ''Majora's Mask'' was the latest. According to the ''Legend'', a Person buys the old game cartridge at a Garage Sale from and ''old man''. Reluctant to sell the ''gem'' despite His attempts to persuade you against the purchase, He caves in and does. Taking the game Home, One no doubt ''can't wait'' to play the rare treasure. Once installed, The Player finds a ''Saved File'' in the Software overwritten as ''Ben's Saved Games''. Forget ''Ben'' One thinks, - ''I own this now'' and The Player erases the Saved File. Now the creepiness starts........

A ''screen'' appears which show (according to different versions ''Ben'') a rather grotesque and impish Elf. The wording under this demonic Entity states that ''You Shouldn't Have Done That!'' Soon after, The Player will experience extremely bad luck ending with probable (and a horrible) death. The legend states that the game cartridge was once ''owned'' by a Boy named Ben who was very obsessed with it. He saved His last game to finally (at the pressing of His Parents) to go and play with Friends. The group went swimming at a nearby Lake, where poor Ben died (drowned). Perhaps His Spirit is upset about never finishing His game. Naturally, this ''Game'' circulates around The World, showing up ''here and there'' just waiting to be ''played''. And also to further ''run with The Ball'', the Game Developers (who perhaps even created ''Ben''), capitalized on The Internet Legend, and incorporated elements into The Game. Or perhaps that Game Cartridge is still ''floating around'' somewhere just waiting to be ''played''.